Death is not something anyone enjoys talking about; however, it is inevitably a part of life we will all encounter in some way at some time.

The last few years I have seen a lot of death, both with people I am close to and in my own family. In August of 2015, my husband and I lost our son Hudson at 16 weeks. In January of 2017, we again found ourselves facing death as I went into labor just shy of 19 weeks. Too early for any labor stalling medications to be effective and not yet to the point of viability, Finn came into this world fighting and passed shortly after birth.

I am very passionate about coming alongside people deep in grief and meeting them there, helping in any way I can without seeking to "fix" anything - because the reality is, I can't fix it. One of the things I have found to be most powerful in my own grief process, as well as that of others, is having pictures. I have witnessed a husband and wife crying as they looked through photos of their vow renewal, knowing the chances of him living to their anniversary were slim due to his aggressive cancer. A young mom once expressed to me her gratitude for having pictures of herself with her children, explaining that she doesn’t have many with her own mother, who was taken by cancer much too soon. I also experienced this precious gift firsthand when we lost our son at 16 weeks and an amazing photographer and friend was willing to capture the brief time we spent with him: photographs I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I started offering Beloved photography sessions in 2016 after reflecting on these experiences and realizing that this was a gift I was meant to give, the gift of memories, emotions, history, to those who need it most.

Beloved Services are free.

family photography sessions offered to anyone who has received a terminal diagnosis or is facing imminent death

pregnancy and birth bereavement photography

bereavement doula services for women facing any type of loss at any stage of pregnancy, without judgement.

(Please contact me any time, day or night, to access this Beloved service.)


While all Beloved Services are free, donations are gladly accepted. They help cover childcare, gas, and materials, and allow me to serve more families.