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mom | birth worker | humanist | loss survivor | intuitive empath | artist | wife

Kerrisa Joelle Lifestyle and Birth Photographer Doula

Hi there, I’m Kerrisa!

I live in Lynchburg, VA with my husband - Austin, my two children - Levi and Lorelei, and our german shepherd - Copper (who I have a very strong love-hate relationship with).

My safe 'place' is a drive up to the mountains, windows down, music blaring, while belting out those notes I can't quite hit. 

  I babywear, breastfeed, practice gentle parenting, am currently on the Paleo diet, and love elderberry syrup; my kids go to public school, watch tv (a lot), and prefer chicken nuggets and pizza to homemade organic curry chicken. 

I love herbal tea and wine equally.

After years of dabbling in photography as a hobby, I made my official entry into the industry in 2015. My passion is in capturing new life and all the changes it brings, from pregnancy and birth to a woman becoming a mother and a couple becoming a family.

My awe for birth and laboring women further grew after I started documenting the miraculous journey to motherhood. In 2017 I decided to expand my offerings to include birth support. I am a certified birth doula through Childbirth International and am currently enrolled in Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training (finishing this program will certify me in both birth and postpartum). I am also currently taking a course in pregnancy and infant loss.

I think that women in pregnancy and birth are the most gorgeous and powerful example of the human race. I believe every women should be supported in such a way as to feel loved, respected, nourished, and esteemed during birth.